Original Recipes

We’ve been in the pizza business for almost 3 decades. We know that a great crust is essential to great pizza. Our process makes for a thin crust with layers of authentic dough as the foundation for exotic topping combinations. We also get creative with our crusts, adding vegan or gluten-free options to our already top-notch recipes.

Carefully sourced

Like our dough and crust, our ingredients are hand-selected. We’ve got an assortment of crisp fresh leafy greens like arugula, herbs like basil, cilantro, Italian parsley, vegetables like green peppers and Roma tomatoes, and special sauces handcrafted for each and every variety of pizza that we make. What’s more, all our ingredients are natural, locally sourced that are free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Made to order

Every pizza is made from scratch, on-site, on a daily basis, and at the demands of our customers. What’s more, all pizzas at Slice of LA are individually stone-baked for a richer flavor and a crispier crust.

about us

Born in Italy, raised right on the Hollywood walk of fame, Slice of LA is a family-owned pizza restaurant with a special place in the heart of Hollywood. Running since the mid-90s, our restaurant has since transformed into a city-wide pizza chain present in Studio City and soon in Downtown LA. Our restaurant has come a long way in the pizza delivery business; it is the classic tale of an immigrant achieving the American dream—a dream full of crusty pizza dough.

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Choose from a variety of super-inventive unmatched flavor-pairings like our Toscana pizza or BBQ Chicken Pizza. Take a bite today and bask in the scintillating aromas and tastes of our Italian heritage.


Our thin crusts are ready to accommodate any toppings of your choice on a small, medium or large pie. Dive in today to select from a range of oven-hot, spicy and delicious pizza garnishes.

100% Beef Pepperoni

Our pepperoni is dried to peak flavor, made from 100% fresh beef cuts with carefully sourced spices.

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Roasted Tomato Wedges

Vine-ripened tomatoes are roasted for 12 hours and marinated in oil, garlic, herbs and spices, allowing a flavorful balance between a fresh tomato and a sun-dried one

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Exotic yellow pepper drops

The original drop-shaped mini peppers in a sweet-sour infusion.

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Sautéed mushrooms with truffle

Our mushrooms are sautéed with select spices and truffle oil delicately bringing the flavor to its highest level.

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by Dee R.

I came here for the first time and ordered a medium cheese pizza. It was delicious! The crust was fluffy and overall, the best cheese pizza I've had in awhile. I really want to try the House Special and Toscana pizza, next. I had no idea this place was in the neighborhood. I'm not even the biggest pizza lover these days but my child is, we both fully approve!

by Sean McMarthy

This is some damn good pizza. I had the breakfast pizza with eggs and a slice of chocolate cake which was out of this world. Their crust is the perfect chewiness and flavor and I can't wait to come back and try more.