Right on the Hollywood walk of fame, Slice of LA is a family-owned pizza restaurant with a special place in the heart of Hollywood. Running since the mid-90s, our restaurant has since transformed into a city-wide pizza chain present in Studio City and soon in Downtown LA. Our restaurant has come a long way in the pizza delivery business; it is the classic tale of an immigrant achieving the American dream—a dream full of crusty pizza dough.

Our Story

Initially established by an Italian immigrant in the mid-90s, our restaurant has had its name rebranded several times, but never the recipes. Then came Alex, an immigrant with a degree in finance. He worked various roles as a delivery driver, cashier, cook and inventory manager until 2017. After falling in love with the business, Alex negotiated to buy the restaurant from the founder who was close to retirement.


At Slice of LA, our recipes are influenced by LA, America’s most diverse city. Our perception of the perfect pizza is as you would imagine: thin crust, lots of flavor and available by slice. We make use of high quality-ingredients to produce the best baked pizzas in the region. As a family owned business with humble beginnings, we support the local communities in any we can. We combine the best local ingredients with imported toppings, delivering pizzas with savory flavors, delicious sauce and a crispy crust.
Unlike most generic pizzerias in the city, we do not serve already-made conveyor products. Every pizza is made from scratch, on-site, on a daily basis, and at the demands of our customers. We only source natural ingredients as we offer vegan and gluten-free options for all Italian recipes that we have. What’s more, all pizzas at Slice of LA are individually stone-baked for a richer flavor and a crispier crust.


We are a family owned restaurant which serves the local community, filling everyone’s tastebuds with a sumptuous pizza menu. We are a local take-out and delivery pizza parlor serving authentic pizzas, pastas, subs & sandwiches, salads. Every employee of ours is a part of the family. We also treat every customer as a friend and make sure you keep on visiting. Watch as every bite of our pizzas teleport you to the
aromatic kitchens in Italy, within the comfort of LA.

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by Jennifer S.

This is some damn good pizza. I had the breakfast pizza with eggs and a slice of chocolate cake which was out of this world. Their crust is the perfect chewiness and flavor and I can't wait to come back and try more. Thank Comment Direct message

by Dee R.

I came here for the first time and ordered a medium cheese pizza. It was delicious! The crust was fluffy and overall, the best cheese pizza I've had in awhile. I really want to try the House Special and Toscana pizza, next. I had no idea this place was in the neighborhood. I'm not even the biggest pizza lover these days but my child is, we both fully approve!