Our Story

Initially established by an Italian immigrant in the mid-90s, our restaurant has had its name rebranded several times, but never the recipes. Then came Alex, an immigrant with a degree in finance. He worked various roles as a delivery driver, cashier, cook and inventory manager until 2017. After falling in love with the business, Alex negotiated to buy the restaurant from the founder who was close to retirement.

It was the best decision he ever made.

So passionate about the pizza business, Alex rebranded the restaurant and transformed it into a city-wide pizza chain. Its founder could not have found a better successor, because the restaurant, now called Slice of LA, has retained its Italian cuisines and is now expanding into new locations across LA.

about our recipes

At Slice of LA, our recipes are influenced by LA, America’s most diverse city. Our perception of the perfect pizza is as you would imagine: thin crust, lots of flavor and available by slice. We make use of high quality-ingredients to produce the best baked pizzas in the region. As a family owned business with humble beginnings, we support the local communities in any we can. We combine the best local ingredients with imported toppings, delivering pizzas with savory flavors, delicious sauce and a crispy crust.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

our cooking process

Unlike most generic pizzerias in the city, we do not serve already-made conveyor products. Every pizza is made from scratch, on-site, on a daily basis, and at the demands of our customers. We only source natural ingredients as we offer vegan and gluten-free options for all Italian recipes that we have.  What’s more, all pizzas at Slice of LA are individually stone-baked for a richer flavor and a crispier crust.