Since the mid-90s, we’ve always been committed to create pizza options that exceed your flavor expectations. We go the extra mile to deliver all-natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced and can be tasted in every single bite. From the pantry to our bakery, we combine a unique blend of thin crust, hand-selected toppings and special sauce that sends you into a flavorful exploration of Italian taste!


Wondering how we whip up our pizza dough; here’s how… Oops; it’s a trade secret. In fact; we have been producing authentic Italian dough since the mid-90s, using recipes and techniques that have been passed down through generations and still being used today. We ensure that our flour is top-notch and that our dough undergoes a rigorous purification process, removing any contaminants that cause foul taste, odor and color. With the Italian cuisine rooted deep in our process, we make authentic dough every day at our store; ever pizza hand-tossed and stone-baked to perfection.


We’ve been in the pizza business for almost 3 decades. We know that a great crust is essential to great pizza. Our process makes for a thin crust with layers of authentic dough as the foundation for exotic topping combinations. We also get creative with our crusts, adding vegan or gluten-free options to our already top-notch recipes.


Like our dough and crust, our ingredients are hand-selected. We’ve got an assortment of fresh vegetables like juicy tomatoes, herbs like basil, peppers, and special sauces handcrafted for each and every variety of pizza that we make. What’s more, all our pizzas contain natural, locally sourced ingredients that are free from artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Want further convincing, try our pizza selection today. You won’t be disappointed.


Slice of LA has always been nested at the heart of Hollywood. Our super-inventive flavor-pairings are unmatched like 100% Beef Pepperoni pizza or (another pizza). Today, we still seek new flavors and explore unique ways to capture the scintillating aromas and tastes of our Italian heritage.